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Anonymous: have a link to out of control circus/fairground by john cooper clarke?


out of control fairground
swirling down the promenade
screaming and the smell of doughnuts
fairy lights in razor shards
spitting distance from the ocean
what fresh trouble waits unveiled
nobody’s doing the locomotion
the ghost train’s been derailed

out of control fairground
swirling down the esplanade
a bad time was had by all
what a noise their crying made
drive home in a bumper car
take the mad mouse into town
tooled up from the rifle range
out of control fairground

out of control fairground
messing up the west parade
they say there’s a homicidal clown
shacked up in the mirror maze
big wheel keeps on rolling
it’s never gonna ever slow down
it’s kandy koloured karnage kids
out of control fairground

out of control fairground
sliding on a burger slick
waltzers whirling upside down
novelty hat says “kill-me-quick”
dive bombers diving hard
here comes the ground
vacate the promenade

out of control fairground
alias the pleasure beach
john law tried to shut’em down
for selling tenners at fifteen each
the chairoplanes crank up a gear
the geezers out of town
there’s nothing for you here
out of control fairground


“not much has changed but they lived underwater” that’s a pretty fucking huge change what the fuck busted


have you ever stopped liking somebody that you liked a lot and suddenly notice that they are a shitty person and realize how blinded you were by how much you liked them


Sometimes, the best way to not get your heart broken is to act like you don’t have one. 

"We’re at our holiest when its the last song and we’re soaked in pub juice and desperate.When the boys choir tells us to look each day and night in the eye and gorgeous giddy promise of a friday gives way to scab smokes and kebab wrappers. You might get sick of it all but you might miss it to. There’s ten good reason to go , but 1000 tiny ones not to . And i dunno which is which anymore."
-Just Saying (via dont-conform-to-formulas)


*tap dances over to u* bitch do we have a problem


shower me in various black items of clothing and hundred dollar bills

"He was not my boyfriend. On the other hand, he wasn’t just a friend either. Instead, our relationship was elastic, stretching between those two extremes depending on who else was around, how much either of us had to drink, and other varying factors. This was exactly what I wanted, as commitments had never really been my thing. And it wasn’t like it was hard, either. The only trick was never giving more than you were willing to lose."